Bluetooth Rechargeable Sleep Breathing Monitor Snoring Stopper

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The Principle of Sleeping Apnea Monitoring
built-in professional biological sensors which can monitor the temperature of breathing airflow, use temperature differences to detect apnea events. A regular wavy curve is present during normal breathing; when the respiratory wave tends to a smooth straight line, it indicates that an apnea event has occurred.
Real-time Sleepbreathing Monitoring
The new breathing monitoring method, without PSG, can be initially screened for apnea at home.
Help You Assess Your Sleep Health
Snoring may be a symptom of sleep apnea, which has a major impact on human health and requires long-term continuous monitoring.Through self-developed patented algorithms, intelligently calculate snoring decibels, and provide users with snoring data analysis services.

APP Intelligently Record Sleep Status
Adopt advanced detection technology, sensitive sensors and powerful AI algorithms to independently record the sleep stages of deep sleep, light sleep and awakening to help you understand your sleep in more detail.
Sleeping Movement Monitoring
Based on high-performance sensors, measure and count the body movement of breathing and snoring during sleep, and take care of your healthy sleep in multiple dimensions.
Magnetic Charging Design
Intelligent power saving and low power, effectively increasing the working time of the monitor.

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