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Our fetal Doppler is a hand-held and pocket fetal heart rate monitor. It can detect and listen to the fetal heartbeat,and then review and share tracking records via APP.(the free APP"Carejoy'' can download from Apple Store)

It is a new-generation fetal doppler with free App. which can be used in hospital, clinic and home for daily self-check by pregnant woman.The fetal doppler is equipped with a full high definition color LCD display.


  • Beautiful shape,portable,easy operation 
  • Easy-to-use,the probe can be changedAccurate FHR detection with clear sound.
  • High sensitivity interchangeable probe.
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Dual display Interface:Digital display interface, Curve display interface
  • High accuracy, curve display interface, can see the fetal movement curve. 


  • Standard: EN61266:1995
  • Safety Classification: BF /Class  /Internal power
  • Overall Sensitivity:  90 dB (Integrated sensitivity 200mm away from the surface of the probe)
  • Measuring integrated sensitivity
  • The Doppler frequency :(300 ± 50) Hz
  • Reflecting target speed:10cm / s ~40cm / s
  • Ultrasound transducer’s effective area: 6.0±0.5cm2.
  • Target velocity and display range : No narrower than 50bpm-240bpm (± 2bpm). (Beat Per Minute) (Notes: Please go to see a doctor once the FHR is abnormal) Output power: 10Mw/cm2
  • EMC testing data (See annex )
  • Working frequency:3.0 MHz ± 10%
  • Spatial-peak temp-peak acoustic pressure: 0.1 MPa. Effective area of transducer:6.0±0.5 cm2

Physical Characteristic:

Working environment: Temperature: +5  ~ +40 

Humidity:  80% Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa

Transport and storage environment:

Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa,well-ventilated room without corrosive gases.

Battery: Two pieces of 1.5V battery(not include)

Size:135mm (Length) ×65mm (Width) ×30 (Height) mm

Weight: 176g(without batteries) 


Working Frequency:3.0MHz  

P-: 1MPa



Packing Include:

  1. 1 x Color LCD Fetal Doppler
  2. 1 x English user's manual


The free APP"Carejoy” only for IOS system.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ashah Tanoa

Great product! Batteries and gel supplied so ready to use straightaway. The Doppler is easy to use and a great way to connect with your baby.

Product came as expected and ready to use.

I love my doppler so much! I’m 24 weeks pregnant and it gives me peace of mind whenever I want to listen to my baby’s heartbeat. I also love the app and how easy it is to record the heartbeat to share with family members.

Anna R
Great & just as expected!

Amazing and simple tool to have a "doctor" at home to feel secure about the baby's movement and pulse. We loved it!

Connie S.
great product

It is my favorite purchase during pregnancy. Easy to use and I find the heartbeat every time. Super cool!

Fetal Doppler

I tested it out on my own heart beat as my baby isn’t big enough to hear and it was clear as day !

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